Ready to be Back in Barcelona!

We are almost a month away from a trip back to Barcelona. I'm beyond excited to have time to fully explore this city again. Last time we had only a few days to scratch the surface. This time around we have four days at the beginning of our trip and four more at the end after a jaunt up the coast to Llafranc (stay tuned for a Costa Brava post soon - I have SO much that I want to see and do there).

Tentative itinerary this time around includes

  • Parc Guell - We missed this last time and it is on my must see list this trip! Hoping that I can put the jet lag to good use and get there first thing in the morning to hopefully get some great photos.
  • Tapas Tour - Last time we did a tapas tour with a small group, it was lots of fun and a great experience to try some new foods that I would not have ordered myself (I'm looking at you blood sausage) This time we are switching it up and doing a private tour with Sam from Zucker and Spice. I liked the idea of a private tour right at the beginning of our trip so hopefully we can get some good recommendations from a local of other things that are must do's but a bit off the beaten path. I also couldn't pass up the fact that he is both a fellow Bostonian and a Sommelier - I think this will be a great time!
  • Rooftop Bars - Somehow I did not get to a single rooftop bar on my last trip and I feel like that was a major fail! I stumbled across this post from The Barcelona Blonde blog in my planning and plan on hitting up a few of these, there's nothing I like more than cocktails with a view!
  • More Gaudi - I did a free Gaudi walking tour last trip with runnerbean and it was great I'd like do try to fit in another tour or two, I like the low stress of the free tour and my history nerd self loved learning so much about the city. 
  • Photography Tour - I have my eye on a walking photo tour with Barcelona Photography Tour I'm not sure if it will fit into the timeline/budget but I hope it will, I wasn't in love with the photos I took last time around so a bit of guidance would be appreciated and there is nothing I love to do more than wander around a new city and get lost taking photos!
  • ALL the Cava - We are obviously wine lovers, especially all things bubbly! We considered a day trip out of the city to go Cava tasting but it didn't quite fit into the budget or timeframe (OK it got bumped because I REALLY hope we can find a boat charter in the Costa Brava similar to the one we did in Mallorca) but I do hope to find some places in Barcelona to do a bit of Cava tasting
  • JAMON JAMON JAMON - If at all possible I will pretty much be living on Jamon Iberico for two weeks, I may or may not try to stuff a whole leg of it in my suitcase this time around. . . . .