Poggio Rubino

A wine tasting at Poggio Rubino is much more than just a tasting. It is an immersive experience that educates you on the land, history and culture of Montalcino and the rich winemaking tradition of Brunello while at the same time tasting perhaps the best Brunello wine there is. The wine is artfully crafted with an enormous attention to tradition and detail. Anthony Freveletti is an excellent guide through the wonderful world that is Brunello di Montalcino. His passion and love for the wine come through in his tastings. As opposed to some other wineries where the feeling of taste then buy is very clear, here the overwhelming feeling is one of love for the wine and its tradition and a desire to share this and to educate. The tasting does not begin in the cantina with the wine, but rather outdoors in the forest and the herb garden. You begin your tasting by smelling the local plants and herbs that grow throughout the forest and give the wine its terroir and flavor profile.

Anthony is an excellent guide throughout the tasting. Down to earth and welcoming, he explains things in such a way that it is both accessible to a novice yet thorough and in depth enough that even the experienced wine connoisseur will learn something new. His enthusiasm for the wine is infectious. His tastings are always a unique experience.

Through several days of tasting with him we always learned something new each time. From tasting from barrels made of different types of oak to see the difference they produce in taste (French or Austrian – the wood for each barrel is hand selected from the forest to ensure quality and consistency) to tasting the wine throughout its lifecycle from tank to barrel to bottle and seeing how it matures and develops as it ages.

Once you sit down at the tasting table to go through Poggio Rubino’s outstanding catalog of wines your appreciation for them is enhanced by having learned something of the land, tradition and process that created them. They are truly outstanding examples of what wine from this region should be, handcrafted with great attention paid to every level of detail. If you are extremely lucky you will have planned ahead and booked to eat lunch at the winery. The food is delicious, handmade by Roberta and served with the most amazing view overlooking the winery and surrounding countryside. The meals that I had at Poggio Rubino were some of the best I have had anywhere, amazing food, a fantastic view, and people so warm and welcoming that they truly make you feel as though you are part of the family. I cannot recommend a visit here highly enough.