New Orleans Photo Tour

We are in New Orleans for a long weekend - ostensibly for the Sugar Bowl, but in my mind to eat ALL the Oysters and photograph everything I can find. A post of what to eat and drink will be coming shortly but I wanted to share some of the photos I took this morning on a fantastic photography tour with American Photo Safari. I did the morning tour of the French Quarter and hope to squeeze in another Garden District tour while we are here. While I always love walking around with my camera and trying to find hidden gems whenever we travel it was really nice to have a more structured way to take photos and to be reminded of some of the photography knowledge that I don't always pay attention to. Taking a few shots at different f-stops and comparing them really makes you stop and think about why you are setting your camera the way you are. Some guidance on composition helps you think more about it and some really fun shots in puddles and window reflections reminds me to look for shots in unexpected places.