Barcelona Street Art

This time around in Barcelona I was on the lookout for some off the beaten path things to do. I did the requisite Gaudi walking tour last time around and while I certainly enjoyed it this trip I was hoping to see some different parts of the city and get off the tourist trail a bit. The (free!) Barcelona Street Style Tour certainly fit the bill. They have a few different options for both walking and biking tours. I did the walking tour of El Borne and the Gothic neighborhoods. While the Gothic quarter is certainly a popular (and touristy) part of town this tour got us off the beaten path a bit. I absolutely loved the El Borne neighborhood. We found ourselves there a good bit on this trip (more on a fantastic tapas tour soon) and I really fell in love with the neighborhood. The architecture (as in all of Barcelona) was gorgeous and funky cafes in restaurants abounded but it really felt like a neighborhood that people lived in.

The street style tour was fantastic. Our guide Mike is originally from California and was incredibly knowledgable about both the history of street art in Barcelona as well as about individual pieces and artists.  I always notice and photograph street art pieces when I am traveling so it was really interesting to find out a bit more about the process, culture and artists. Check out the gallery below for a taste of what I saw on my tour